The middle part of Öland

On the open serious ground, the burnt-out castle ruin towers to the west, during the hours of darkness it is also illuminated, and then you know it's time to turn off the speed and soon turn on the turn signals on the car, although you can wait until you pass the curve and Queen Victoria's rest home of course. Borgholm is a bustling summer town with a pleasant tranquility. Sandy beach practically in the middle of town and lovely pedestrian streets that invite to shopping, food and drink. Hotels, restaurants, bars and nightlife, you will find it in Borgholm. But you will also find local market stalls, galleries, museums and crafts. In the harbor, fantastic restaurants with sea views coexist and the guest harbor attracts large numbers of boaters for a long season.

When you have had enough of the beach and the sea, you may want to visit the Midland Forest. This forest is a real gem for any true nature enthusiast. Besides taking a wonderful walk through the Midland Forest, you can also take the opportunity to visit Ismantorp fortress, an historic Iron Age settlement in a unique cultural environment or Öland's Museum in Himmelsberga which takes you back to history.

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