Autumn is here and Öland is changing into a beautiful autumn garb. The golden season begins. It does not happen on a specific date but follows nature and its shifts. In the golden season, there is time to discover new dining experiences, nature adventures and cultural gems.

experience Öland during the autumn break 

Autumn inspiration

Read more about our tips, guides and rounds and let yourself be inspired by an autumn on Öland!


autumn package

Hotel Skansen - relax

Whether you are interested in nature, culture, adventure or relaxation, there are packages to suit your preferences. Explore the various offers and find the perfect package to make your stay on Öland memorable. 

the autumn calendar

Have a look in the calendar to see what is happening on the island this autumn. Participate in exilirating competitions, listen to music together with friends, or experience exiting events at forts and castles with your entire family! 

discover nature with a guide or on your own

The further south on Öland you travel, the grander the great expanses become. Take a minute and let yourself become inspired by the southern tip of the island, where land meets endless sea. From the edge of the cliffs that divide the island form the sea, there is a great view across the Kalmar Strait. The harsh and spare alvar, one of UNESCO's heritage sites, is an interesting starting point for vast hiking trails. However, perhaps you are more interested in wind-swept pine trees and moss-covered tufts are more to your liking? The forests of Böda in the north are of great fascination to many. Hiking trails and old tractor roads congregate here. The wide spread Böda bay with white, sandy beaches and the shimmering, turquoise seas are strikingly beautiful.


Autumn tips from passionate Öland lovers

Here Öland lovers share their absolute favorite places, maybe it will be your favorite too!


Apple tree in Mirabellgården
Excursion with Helena
September excursion
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Penåsa Ödeby
Excursion with Helena
Penåsa Ödeby
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Hike seriously, Möckelmossen
Hiking on Öland

Here are fantastic hiking trails with different lengths, surfaces and experiences.

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Cycle Gillberga
Cycling on Öland

Around the island there are fantastic cycle paths with routes that suit all cyclists

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for all history lovers 

You can constantly experience the wings of history on Öland. Ancient fortresses, burial fields, the agricultural landscapes, various building styles, and above all the windmills, which are perhaps Öland's most characteristic cultural heritage. Various types of historical heritage are presented by more or less organized experiences all across the island. If your aim is a holiday with historical and cultural overtones you have definitely come to the right place. 


10 day trip treasures

Discover our day trip treasures that will take you to the most beautiful and exciting places on Öland!