The further south out on Öland you travel, the more wonderful the expanses become. Stop and be impressed by the southern cape, where land meets endless sea. From the edge of the castle that runs along the island, you have a wonderful view of Kalmarsund. The barren nature, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an interesting starting point for extensive walks. On the contrary, are it rustling pine tops and moss-covered tufts that attract you? The Böda forest in the north fascinates many and here hiking trails coexist with old tractor roads. The vast Böda bay with chalk-white sand and turquoise shimmering sea is beautiful as it suggests.

Bird watching at Hornsjön
nature reserve

It is a privilege that we get to take part in the changing and fragile nature on Öland!

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Cycle Gillberga
Cycling on Öland

Around the island there are fantastic cycle paths with routes that suit all cyclists

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Hike seriously, Möckelmossen
Hiking on Öland

Here are fantastic hiking trails with different lengths, surfaces and experiences.

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out on a tour with a local guide

Join us on a tour and discover the best of Öland with local experts. How about a guided food walk on Stora alvaret, along the stone coast or perhaps on Öland's southern cape? Learn more about Öland's ancient animals and Öland's layers of sand, clay and lime. Go on a lamb safari or learn about salamanders, flowers and insects. We wish you a good trip on the island!

Below you will find a calendar with guided tours and information about local guides.


Ten day trip treasures

What makes an excursion really successful? No matter what you want to do most of all, we can promise that the excursions we recommend provide memories for life.

the world heritage southern island

The world-unique cultural heritage of Södra Öland's agricultural landscape was designated a world heritage site in 2000 by UNESCO. Lake lands, alvar lands, farmland and the row villages in southern Öland constitute the world heritage. Together, they bear witness to how the land has been used in the same way by man and animal in symbiosis for millennia. This heritage is unique in the world and worth both experiencing and preserving for future generations.