Lundgren's Garage
Lundgren's Garage

Lundgren's Garage

Food should take time, both to cook and to eat. But the meal is more than food. This is where we meet and where the conversation thrives. At Lundgren's Garage, the guest, the meeting and the conversation are at the center.

We cook our food "low & slow", in low temperature and slowly. To this is added smoke from various deciduous trees, this is what is called barbecue. Our ox brisket takes the longest time, which is ready after 14-18 hours. The method is known for giving incredibly tender, tasty and juicy meat. However, it does not taste as much smoke as you might think. So hurry to Lundgren's before it ends...

From White Guide:
Well-made barbecue in the old garage

Three men who grill and smoke according to the American barbecue model have come to the former garage, and they are doing well. An example is a piece of brisket (tip brisket) that has been cooked for 20 hours and is tender and tasty. We like that there are hot smoked salmon and green options on the menu, such as grilled corn from the area. The desserts are few but mammoth, the atmosphere is familiar and pleasant.


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