Hiking and running on Öland

Enjoy Öland on foot. There are fantastic hiking trails with different lengths, surfaces and experiences. On Öland you will also find one of the Swedish Tourist Association's signature trails, the Mörbylångaleden, which allows you to experience southern Öland.

Hiking Mörbylångaleden
Hiking trails of moderate length

5 - 10 km long trails

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Hike Jordtorpsåsen
Short hiking trails

1-5 km long trails

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Man walking by Karlevi
Long hiking trails

10 - 20 km long trails

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- signature joint Öland

Thanks to the different farming landscape, the whole of southern Öland has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. The island's geographical location, the limestone bedrock and the mild climate, together with human influence, have created these conditions.

The Mörbylångaleden, which is one of the Swedish Tourist Association's twelve signature trails, runs through the rugged and beautiful world heritage site. Experience the entire trail from Färjestaden down to Ottenby or select a favorite part.

Read more about the Mörbylångaleden and start planning your hike.

walk in the world heritage

One of the best ways to experience the world heritage Södra Öland's agricultural landscape is to hike in it. In total, there are over 140 km of hiking trails that help you find and experience the unique environments that are the basis for the area's designation as a World Heritage Site. 

But what is a world heritage then? Yes, it is a cultural or natural monument that is so valuable that it is a matter for all of humanity. It is something that bears witness to the history of the earth and man in a completely unique way. Something that is considered so priceless that it must be protected and preserved forever.

The nature map: walk along the trails in the world heritage

wading tips for the beginner

Are you curious about hiking but feel that you need a little more knowledge before you set off? Maybe you are planning your first trip? Here we have listed our best tips that are suitable for a hike for beginners.

Hike in Ottenby

Hiking tips for beginners

Make sure you have plenty of time. Set aside a bonus day to enjoy nature.

2. Schedule
Prepare your next stage well. Review the weather forecast and plan in places for rest breaks.

3. Browsing
Pack your map and compass and add a map app that supports the surveyor's maps in offline mode. You can then see your current position and measure distances. Don't forget your power bank and waterproof bag.

4. Clothes
Always go for wool closest to the body. Shells and rainwear protect against rain and wind. Use the "layer upon layer" principle and bring a hat and gloves.

5. Shoes
Low shoes work well on smooth, nice trails with light packing. Boots are best for longer hikes with uneven surfaces and heavier packs.

6. Food
Food and drink are important for energy. Take plenty of good breaks and the experience will be better. For day hikes, cold packs work, but if you're going to be out for longer, you'll need a good outdoor kitchen.

7. Packing
Pack as light as possible. Tips on packing lists can be found here, on STF's website. 

 It is important that your backpack has a waist belt and chest strap to take the strain off your shoulders.

Good luck!

Love Öland Carefully

It is a privilege that we get the opportunity to take part in the changing nature on Öland and get close to it, even if it is protected nature. But with freedom also comes responsibility. Nature on Öland is fragile and many areas are valuable to the ecosystem. Therefore, we love Öland in a careful way so that we can continue to enjoy unique nature experiences during the four seasons.

Thanks to the right of public access, we can move freely in Swedish nature. But what does the right of public access mean, what can you do and what do you need to consider?

Read more about it here.