You can camp for a few days in the countryside, but choose a site that is not close to residential buildings. It is also important not to disturb the landowner or damage nature. Choose to pitch your tent on hardy land and not on grazing land, agricultural land in use or in a plantation. The tent site should also not be close to residential buildings.


landowner's authorization for multiple tents

Camping with two or three tents for a single day is part of the right of public access. However, if you are camping in large groups with many tents, you need to ask the landowner for permission. This increases the risk of ground damage and sanitary problems.


special rules apply in national parks and nature reserves

Generally speaking, camping is only allowed in designated areas. There may also be a ban on camping in the whole area.

Notice boards in the area show what applies. 


do not leave rubbish or food leftovers

It is always important not to have food out, to clean up after yourself and not to leave rubbish or food leftovers in nature. This is particularly important now. A disease that affects wild boar and domestic pigs, African swine fever, is not found in Sweden but further down in Europe. The virus that causes the disease is highly resistant. It survives for a long time in the environment and in meat and meat products from infected animals, even if the meat has been frozen. The disease is not dangerous for humans but is highly contagious for wild boars and pigs. It is therefore important not to leave behind, for example, a ham or sausage sandwich that nobody ate.


lighting a fire

You can make fires in nature under safe conditions, but fires are not always allowed in nature reserves. Look at the signs near the entrances or on the website before you start a fire. Preferably make fires in prepared fireplaces and check whether there is a fire ban.  

Bring your own wood or coal, as you must never use dry branches from the nature reserve for fires. These are very important for many insects, mosses and lichens. On Öland it often gets dry in the summer and there is often a ban on fires. Check the County Administrative Board's website beforehand so that you don't get it wrong.

Mobile home

camping in nature with your motorhome

There are no rules for how long you can set up your motor vehicles at the same location. When it comes to tents, the limit is considered to be a few days. A caravan or motorhome is perceived as more disruptive than a tent. Always ask the landowner for permission before setting up your caravan or motorhome near residential buildings, even if it's just for one night.