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When cycling on Öland, it is good to have plenty of time, but not because it is exhausting. On the contrary. The small roads almost lift you through the landscape and you can put your energy into really enjoying the unbeatable views, all the sounds and smells. You will probably also want to take a break at the farm shops, cafes or restaurants you cycle past, so take your time.

All around the island there are fantastic cycle paths with routes suitable for all cyclists, everything from nice forests for Mtb to the Ölandsleden which winds along the entire island. Öland is simply made to be experienced on two wheels, so bring your own bike or rent everything you need on site. Here we recommend some of Öland's best cycling routes. 

Bicycle - mtb - rail
Ekerum Black

Rällaskogen, central Öland 7,3 km

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Bicycle - mtb - rail
Ekerum Green

Rällaskogen, central Öland 9,7 km

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bike - mtb - rail - break
Oak Room Orange

Rällaskogen, central Öland 14,9 km

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plan your adventure 

Lena Brunefors, Helene Vestberg and Robin trygg talk about what is needed to start mountain biking in the forest. They go through what is important to consider for safety, where cycling is allowed and different types of equipment. The film is about five minutes long and at the end there is a list of what is important to think about before cycling with a mountain bike in the forest.

Rällaskogen - MTB- The whole family
Rällskogen MTB - Children