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Öland is the island where you can constantly experience the wings of history. Ancient castles, burials, agricultural landscapes, buildings and above all the windmills, which are perhaps the most characteristic cultural heritage that Öland can offer. Around the island, different types of historical cultural heritage are made available through more or less organized experiences. If you've set your sights on a holiday with historical and cultural features, you've come to the right place.  


Borgholm's church
Churches & Chapel
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Long Erik
Öland Lighthouses
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Stone wall at Stora alvaret
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Borgholm Castle
Castles & Castles
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Clay cake Mill row
Öland Mills
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Öland's Museum, Himmelsberga
Museum tips
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the world heritage southern island

From Karlevi in ​​the west to Gårdby in the east and then all the way south stretches a wonderful landscape and a unique cultural area. In 2000, this area was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The reason is that Södra Öland's agricultural landscape is fundamentally different from other places on earth. Read more about the World Heritage South Öland. 

the citizens' island

Eketorps Castle

On June 8, 2024, the exhibition The Island of the Citizens will premiere. Explore the mystery and history behind Öland's ancient cities in this eight-year exhibition series created in collaboration with Stockholm University and Linnaeus University. The Kalmar County Museum invites you to an eight-year experience through Öland's fascinating archaeological landscape. Borgarnas ö is a long-term exhibition series that spans eight years, where each year offers new content and different themes. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to explore Öland's ancient castles and gain a deeper understanding of the life of the islanders during the Iron Age. 

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guided tours & excursions

Join us on a tour and discover the best of Öland with local experts. Learn more about the culinary Öland, the island's ancient animals or about flowers and insects. Whatever you choose, we are sure you will experience a memorable guided tour of the island. 

Take part in current excursions and guided tours in the calendar or read more about the operators who offer excursions and guided tours during the year here.

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