autumn excursion in northern and central Öland

Join Lovisa and her family on a wonderful autumn excursion as they explore flea markets, unique shops and charming food stops along Öland's middle and northern coast.

Lovisa Furubo - excursion tips - flea market
A trip to Norra Öland is something you won't regret. Especially in autumn! Below are 10 favorite stops along the way!


1. Head towards Borgholm and stroll around the streets lined with dream house after dream house.

2. Visit @kookon_by_sweden and grab cushions sewn in vintage Japanese fabrics and china that you'll want to fill every cabinet with at home.

3. When your stomach rumbles, you go to @hotellborgholm and enjoy for a while!

4. And when you're full, take a walk in the herb garden.

5. And when you've had your fill of Borgholm, you continue north and enjoy nature. For example, along the coastal roads around Djupvik.

6. And at all flea market signs that look highly makeshift, you stop. They are the best!

7. Maybe you take a small memory with you in the form of withered seed capsules and put in a vase when you get home?

8. After all enjoying beautiful nature, maybe you want some adrenaline? We stopped at @escapefarm.sverige in Löttorp, got locked in the barn and we were given an hour to help the farmhand get his last pay back before the farmer came back. SO FUN!

9. In Äleklinta you can enjoy the sunset. Suggested with a nice person and some lovely picking.

10. If you've also borrowed a motor home, you can sleep overnight and wake up early enough that a cow is using the right rearview mirror to scratch its back. Unforgettable awakening when you think someone is trying to break in!

Lovisa Furubo - excursion tips - hotel Borgholm


When your stomach screams, go to Hotell Borgholm. I heard that their afternoon tea is something very special when the autumn darkness comes. Must be tested!

Lovisa Furubo - excursion tips - coastal road


In Äleklinta you can enjoy the sunset. Suggested with a nice person and some lovely picking.

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