Cold bath in Färjestaden
16 Dec 2022

Cold bath in winter

Have you noticed that many people have started taking cold baths? Incredibly good as it has so many health benefits! Have you taken a cold bath before? If not, maybe it's time to take a dip along Öland's coast this winter.

to bring with you:

  • Wear warm and loose-fitting clothes.
  • Feel free to use bathing shoes or rag socks and a hat. 
  • Bring a large towel to dry yourself with, maybe a bathrobe and a small towel to stand on when you change.
  • Take a hot drink with you in a thermos that you can drink after the bath.

to think of:

  • Never swim alone! Bring a friend and keep an eye on each other. 
  • Take deep breaths and take it easy as you lower yourself into the water.
  • Keep track of the time in the water. Don't stay in the water for too long, even if it feels good after a while, two or three minutes is enough. Don't push yourself beyond limits that feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not dip your head when it is below freezing.

A cold bath stimulates three of the body's important hormones - serotonins that contribute to well-being and good self-esteem, oxytocins for peace and tranquility, and endorphins for feelings of happiness and pain relief. In addition, it is said that cold baths strengthen the immune system, reduce susceptibility to infection, pain and the risk of depression, increase oxygen absorption and the ability to handle stress and anxiety, and provide better sleep, more energy and make us mentally stronger. 

here you can take a cold swim on Öland!

  • Sjöstugan in Borgholm.
  • The cold bath house in Borgholm. You get access to Kallbadhuset by buying a day pass or annual pass. Read more here - Kallbadhuset
  • The ferry town's port.
  • Kalvhagen's bathing place (double check with Mörbylånga municipality so the steps are in when the ice settles).
Kallbadhus in Borgholm