Anna Hertzberg-Holgersson

Anna Hertzberg-Holgersson

Anna's pictures are simple in a powerful, partially dissolved painting with open boundless spaces.

Anna Josefin Hertzberg-Holgersson grew up in Kalmar/Gothenburg. After several years in Stockholm, she is now working, and since 2014, living on Öland, Sättra-Borgholm. The art world is full of rules about how to do things, Anna has probably never followed them. Creation is Anna's channel, she varies between brush, knife, spatulas, looks for the characteristic in the expression, brings it home.. puts the puzzle together.. her work becomes an image of Anna's inner world and she tries to manifest it as best she can on canvas, in room, the surrounding environment, in what is this, what IS.

"She captures the conditions of human existence in strong images of love and friendship, sadness and joy" - Bertil Gralvik

Member of KonstMajrundan.


Sandgatan 20 387 31 Borgholm