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We offer everyone who arranges public events aimed at visitors the opportunity to appear in the calendar at Before filling out the form, please read our posting guidelines.

- We handle your event tips within 10 working days, so submit your tip in good time. We also see that your event should be on the calendar for a while for it to have any effect.
- The respective organizer is responsible for the correctness of the information about the event. We are not responsible for incorrect information or canceled events that have not been communicated to us.
- All events are reviewed before publication and Öland's Tourism Organization reserves the right to decide whether the event should be published, based on the guidelines that apply, as well as review and possibly make changes to text and images before publication.


publication guidelines

Events that are visible on must take place on Öland, be public and open to the public. The event must also be of a temporary nature and take place for a limited time, up to a few days. The event must be of such a nature that it is something you experience during your stay on Öland.

- The events must be shown with a picture, so don't forget to attach one or more pictures in the form. Images must not be larger than 2 MB and contain no text, and allowed file types are gif, jpg and png. Keep in mind that pictures are personal information. Therefore, check that you have the consent of any people visible in the picture, e.g. in the form of a model agreement. Avoid using an image with text on it for best results.
- Fill in all fields in the form. If you do not find the right arena in the list, select Öland, and note in the description more precisely where the event takes place.
- Processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the GDPR.


some examples that we do not publish in the event calendar

- Events of a political nature such as political arrangements or propaganda, e.g. demonstrations religious services.
- Events of a religious nature such as religious services or religious gatherings. 
- Courses and training or activities aimed at members.
- Municipally arranged service and information meetings or association meetings or annual meetings.
- Recurring activities that are part of the business's regular offering.
Activities and events that last more than a week.
- Events that are not aimed at the hospitality industry.

event information

Fill in the name of the event and an introduction, i.e. a short selling text about the event. If necessary, also fill in a longer descriptive text about the event.

Please add event name
Emojis and text that are not allowed will be removed
Please add event introduction
Emojis and text that are not allowed will be removed

when and where is the event?

Select the date on which the event takes place. Also fill in the start and end time and arena.

If the event takes place over several days in a row or on several different occasions over a longer period, it is possible to add several occasions to one and the same event notification. Fill in the date, time and venue and click "add date". You can then add several occasions by filling in the date, time and venue again and then clicking on "add date" again. You can add as many instances as you wish.

If your arena is not available as an option, select unspecified. Then click on the "Add date" button. Now there is an option to fill in your address and we will add your arena. The next time you register an event, your arena will therefore be available in the list.

Please add dates for your event

Choose date Start time End Time Duration Recurrent Sand handling
If your arena is not selectable in the dropdown, please fill in the address below and we will add your arena
Please provide a valid address.
Please provide a valid postal code.
Please provide a valid city.

event category

Choose the category that suits you best. It is only possible to select one category. If we see that the event fits under more categories, we add it.

Please provide a category for the event.


Fill in a possible price and a possible age limit.

contact information

Fill in the website, telephone number, name of your contact person and e-mail.

Please add a valid phone number.
Please add a valid email address.


Upload at least one image in image format jpeg or png. For best results upload a landscape image, if portrait it will be cropped to fit. Avoid text in the images.

  • Remember to avoid text in the images as much as possible
  • It is best to use a landscape image.
Please provide one or multiple images.


If you have a booking page, fill in a link to it. If you have a Facebook page and/or Instagram account, also fill in links to these. Please note that we want a link, not just an account name.

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