Mittlandsleden - hiking trail

Mittlandsleden - hiking trail

The Mittlandsleden offers a 50 kilometer hike that meanders through a scenic area with lush deciduous forest, a species-rich agricultural landscape, many ancient remains and beautiful village environments and interesting plants and insects.

Destinations along the trail!

- Borg's meadows. Claimed hay meadows. Dyestad's bog. Wetland area with moist grasslands and fens surrounded by deciduous forests.
- Gråborg. Öland's largest ancient castle. Here is also St Knut's Chapel, a medieval chapel ruin.
- Hor's well and judge's ring. Sacrificial place and graves.
- Ismantorp's ancient castle. Unusual and well-preserved castle from the Late Iron Age.
- Jordtorpsasen. Ridge with burial ground and species-rich flora and insect fauna. Nature reserve.
- Karum's elves with Noah's ark. Burial fields from the Bronze and Iron Ages.
- Karum nature reserve. Well-preserved agricultural landscape from the 1800th century.
- Lopperstad cemetery. The remains of a large burial field from the Iron Age.
- Shards of Odin. Burial field from the Iron Age with tradition about the Asa god Odin.
- Runsten's church. Built in the 1800th century. The 0s.
- Rönnerum's ancient village. Iron Age environment with traces of farms, agricultural landscapes and graves.
- Vanserum-Bäck nature reserve. Large wetland area with Lindmossen, a frozen marsh with species-rich flora.
- Vanserum's ore. Well-preserved building from the turn of the century 1900.
- Åkerby source. Old place of sacrifice

The trail is clearly marked with orange markings.

The trail goes through terrain where it is difficult to get around with a pram and wheelchair. If it rains or has rained the previous days, the trail may be wet and boots or rough boots are needed.

Gråborg – Jordtorpsåsen parking lot: 4,3 km
Karum – Ismantorp Castle: 7,1 km
Vanserums malm – Gråborg: 7,0 km
Ismantorp castle – Vanserum ore: 9,2 km
Ismantorp castle – Tunsten – Vanserum ore: 17,0 km.

See also the Borg till Borg trail, which is partly within the same area.

Text: County Administrative Board Kalmar County